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Every day is a little better with these two:   Which is good since it looks like little dude will be staying with us for at least a while, dad has some things to take care of before he can get … Continue reading

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Well, not exactly silence, I can hear the fish tank bubbling and the birds chirping. What I don’t hear is one single peep from any of the kids. Normally this would be alarming, but this time they are all sleeping! … Continue reading

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Is it spring break yet?

School:    But then there’s this:   

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The ‘system’

So, we are in the thick of dealing with some medical stuff for the little dude. He has been congested since we got him, and yesterday spiked a pretty high fever, higher than anything Ali has run, so I decided … Continue reading

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Oh man, I think it’s been over a month since I’ve written anything! I’m going to blame school, it’s been really taking up every spare second I have. I always used to kind of roll my eyes when professors said … Continue reading

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