Well, not exactly silence, I can hear the fish tank bubbling and the birds chirping. What I don’t hear is one single peep from any of the kids. Normally this would be alarming, but this time they are all sleeping! We haven’t been as hard core with schedules since we have been busy trying to keep everyone fed and alive and not crying, but it’s time to get back on track. Because if I only were to have one rule to live by with babies/toddlers, it would be to be hard core and never stray from a schedule. Like, ever. Your life revolves around that schedule. The problem is that I’m finding it much harder to stick to it with 3 times the kids, mostly because everything takes 10 times as long to do. I don’t understand that math, but it is what it is. Next week I’m going to try my new, improved schedule where I have to get up an hour earlier in the morning to get everyone put together for the day, and I cram studying into a couple different pieces of time since what I have now isn’t working. 

The good news with school is that my most time consuming class is over next week, and I finally finished all my projects/papers for it. That’s going to be a huge burden lifted for me, my other classes are totally easy. The other good news, somewhat school related, is that I got a job on the medical intensive care unit. I’m pretty excited. It will really help me understand what I’m learning in class since I’ll actually be seeing/doing it in real life. Obviously I won’t be in the nurse role, I’ll be in a patient care tech role, but after this semester I’ll be considered an assistant nurse so will get more responsibilities. 

Another cool school thing that happened is I signed up to go on a medical trip to The Dominican Republic next fall. I’m going to be in my scrubs in a jungle assisting with all kinds of crazy medical stuff. Some students have assisted with surgeries, some student have gone into the villages to assist with births, it will be a really interesting experience. Guess I better brush up on my español!

Lots of good right now! But you know what, I suspect all my good must pale in comparison to whatever Barbie has been up to today…


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11 Responses to Silence

  1. Yay for the job! Because you needed one more thing to do!

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  2. JFulbright7987 says:

    Hahaha! The Barbie comment made me laugh out loud!

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  3. Lindsay says:

    I couldn’t agree more re: the strict schedules. My family always rolls their eyes at me and my strict schedule for Evelyn with her nap & bedtime. But it saves my sanity and besides, she likes it!

    Your time in the Dominican Republic will be amazing! I’ve got some green eyed envy over here.

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  4. I don’t know which gets the bigger applause, the job or the quiet house with three sleeping littles! Who am I kidding, Barbie gets a standing ovation.

    I’m pro schedule too. I have alarms for getting ready to go to work (formerly nap time) and bedtime. It’s hard when they get messed up though. I need to get better at scheduling my school work. Any tips?

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    • kayrosey says:

      I was doing my homework in the hour, hour and a half I had before picking Ali up from school on certain days, but that’s not happening right now because we don’t have child care for the other two. I also would do stuff at nap time, but once again the kids have been down at different times. So right now I’m struggling as well, but I made an hour by hour schedule that I’m going to try to follow with everything, I’m not super confident about it but I can’t slack on school!


      • Let me know how the schedule goes. I write up all the assignments for the week, and now type it up because I missed something on a hand written sticky note. It is really hard to find time to study with little kids. I can stand and read while Wallace plays and I can give him stickers to do while I do computer work… if he cooperates.

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      • kayrosey says:

        Yeah, it’s tough. I’ve missed a couple little assignments because something popped up with a kid and I never went back to it, so now I make a list and cross stuff out too. Luckily we have a couple child care options we are exploring and will have the boys go from 8-12 three days a week, that should give me a couple kid free hours to focus.


      • That will probably help you be a much better student and mother. I’m supposed to be reading for child psych but instead am bonding with my Neti pot.


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