My girl

With all of the excitement over the boys, I feel like Ali has been shoved to the side lately. And she really has been. A few days ago I looked at her and realized that it was the first time in about a week that I actually stopped and *looked* at her, and wasn’t just rushing her through whatever task we were on or putting her in time out for the millionth time for being such a butt. Because she certainly has been a butt lately, this transition has been difficult for her. But she was looking at me too, with these big,sad eyes and I lost it a little bit. I don’t have any doubts about this being the right thing for our family, even though there are totally some bumpy spots, but it still made me feel a little sad to realize that as much as she’s gaining through this process, she’s actually losing quite a bit too. She’s losing time and attention, she’s losing her routine and her role in the family. Not to mention the littler stuff like having to share everything she has. All big things for a little person to deal with.  

 Things will be better for her, and for all of us with a little time. It’s already worlds better here at week 2 than it was even when I had my moment some days ago. 

So let’s talk about the good stuff with miss Ali! She’s been potty trained for quite some time, but has pretty recently started going all by herself. She used to want you to go in and sit with her, now she just does her business on her own, doesn’t even say anything. There’s some work to do on wiping and flushing, but we will get there. 

I got to see the first time (I know of anyway) that she made a big idea connection yesterday. It was early in the morning, her and I were having breakfast while everyone else was still sleeping, and we could see the moon big and bright in the sky. We are both early risers and we both love gazing at the moon, and she was commenting on it. Then this weird expression washed over her face and she said, “outer space!” She totally realized that the moon we see is a part of outer space that we read about, and was totally amazed and talked about how that is the moon and that’s outer space up there for probably 20 minutes. So freaking cute! 

That’s not my picture, i totally ripped it off the internet

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3 Responses to My girl

  1. Molly says:

    This made me want to hug your sweet girl.


  2. Lindsay says:

    That outer space thing is so adorable! Oh my god. So sweet.

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