3 little piggies

The kids are eating us out of house and home! Seriously, where do they even put it all? A costco sized flat of apples, gone in two days. A 24 pack of hotdogs, gone in a week. A box of teddy grahams, gone in an afternoon. A dozen eggs, barely enough for a meal. A clamshell of strawberries, just enough for a light snack between second breakfast and first lunch. Good thing Jen got a raise this year, hehe. 

Of course the natural consequence of all that eating is that all three are growing out of their clothes, darn it. On the bright side, little Kasey can wear all the stuff Kurt grows out of, on the not so bright side we still have to get stuff for two of them. I’ve been looking at clothes online and in different stores, trying to catch some deals on spring and summer stuff, and let me tell you the selection for girls is just awful! The boys are easy, there are trucks and dinosaurs and outer space aplenty, all cute things. Or you can go the classic polo shirt and khaki style if you don’t want all that, still plenty of options. Now girls, they currently have shirts that have emojis all over them, or say stuff like #weekend or #selfie or #beachlyfe. The new style is also to have bare shoulders, even with sweaters! There’s like, a neck area and some sleeves connected at the armpit, but nothing in the shoulder area. Maybe (probably) im just an old lady with no style, but I think it looks super weird. Shopping in the girl section really makes me miss toddler clothes! Where are the unicorns and zebras in tutus and kittens covered in glitter? Sigh…

The boys are both doing well, nothing really going on with their case to talk about. We are still looking at terminating parental rights this summer, and still don’t have to do visits with either parent which is nice. Little Kasey has made so much progress verbally that he will just finish out the quarter and be done with speech therapy. He’s hilarious, he makes me remember how much I love the stage when they first learn to talk. He’s really a great kid, he’s everything you want a 2 year old to be. He’s always chugging trains or chasing his siblings with a plastic snake or singing majorly off key versions of songs or putting on crazy dress up outfits. He’s pretty much always wearing either his ninja turtle snow boots or these god awful high heel princess shoes. He wears the heels so much he’s a pro in them. He can run, jump, go down stairs, he’s better in heels than I ever have been that’s for sure! Silly guy. 

Kurt and Ali are just plugging along, being awesome. I’ve noticed a big shift in maturity lately, it’s nice. They don’t fight nearly as much as before and are much more tolerant of Kasey’s snatching and stuff. It really struck me how different life is the other day when we were riding bikes on one of the local bike paths. Well, Kurt and Ali were riding anyway, Kasey isn’t quite there yet with the bike situation. At one point Jen and I were trying to hurry Kasey up while he was busy peering into yet another street drain, and we realized that Kurt and Ali were up ahead just chatting and waiting for us, and I wasn’t freaked out that one would run off into traffic or fall into the river or something equally disastrous. What a change from the constant vigilance and major stress from last summer! It made me realize how hard it will be to go back to that if/when we have another baby. 

Speaking of babies, we got a call a few days or a week ago to take a 3 month old. It killed me to say no, but we just can’t take anything else on until may when I’m done with school. Between work, clinical, and class I’m gone about 50 hours a week, plus I have homework and all the wife and mom duties. This situation is a role reversal for Jen and I, and neither of us likes it. She goes stir crazy spending so much time at home and interacting mostly with the kids, I love that shit. The end is near though, then we can get back to our regular routine and I’ll make halfway decent money instead of the peanuts I currently make. 

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5 Responses to 3 little piggies

  1. Molly says:

    They talk about growing pains being hard on the kids, but what they’re really hard on is your wallet!

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  2. The emoji crap on girl clothes is irritating. Maybe you can get a lot of girl hand me downs locally? Then you’d be dealing with styles from previous years.

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